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From Yahoo’s Kyphon, Inc. Message Board:

“I had a T7 compression fracture and for over a year and a half I was in agony. I took pain pills like candy. I went thru pain management and had cortisone injected into my spine on several occasions. I was a total wreck and depressed. I was referred to a surgeon in Ft.Pierce, FL., Dr. Scott Katzman, who at that time wanted to do the surgery in July 2001. My Insurance Co. wanted a second opinion so I got one. The second Doctor said “no way it won’t work the injury is too old, the procedure is too new.” So I kept up the pain management. It finally got to the point I demanded the Kyphoplasty procedure. It was performed in March 2002. I went home immediatly after the operation and was at work the next day! I tossed all the pain pills. Today was my final visit with Dr. Katzman. His office is now packed with clients and testimonial letters line the walls. It ain’t snake oil people. This is “miracle” surgery. In my opinion, this is catching on fast. An alternative for invasive back surgery. No danger, no long recovery, period.”

James R., Hollywood, FL

The experience was quick and efficient. Looking forward to getting back to the links pain free!

William B, West Palm Beach, FL

When I walked into the office for the first time, I was greeted very graciously by the staff. Even though I was in a significant amount of pain, the staff made me feel very welcome. Before and after the surgery, Dr. Katzman and his staff were very personable and professional. Dr. Katzman did an amazing job. When I left, I felt like I could get back to living my normal lifestyle. Thanks to Dr. Katzman and his amazing staff.