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You don’t have to live with you constant and incessant back pain. Take control of your pain by undergoing our minimally invasive laser spine procedures. At Advanced Orthopedics we figure out what is at the root of your problems and treat them accordingly. The following are the most common cases that we assess and treat.

1. Herniated Disc
When it comes to treating this type of ailment, we usually recommend that our patient begin a course of “conservative care” prior to undergoing any form of surgical procedure. However, when our patients are suffering from chronic pain and/or experiencing weakness in the arms or legs then surgery should be done earlier in order to stop the loss of nerves in those areas.

i. Causes
1. Putting a heavy strain on one’s lower back and combining it with sharp or sudden twisting movements of the lower back
2. Poor lifting habits or sports-related incidents

ii. Non-Surgical Treatments
1. Physical Therapy
2. Ice and Heat Therapy
3. Epidural Injections

2. Scoliosis
This is the abnormal curvature of the normally straight spine. When it comes to scoliosis there are many types and causes that affect people. Some forms of scoliosis are caused by bone abnormalities that are present at birth, other illnesses like spina bifida or cerebral palsy, or by some sort of traumatic accident that may have caused weakness in the discs of the spine.

i. Non-Surgical Treatment
1. Braces
a. this course of treatment is best done when the patient is still growing and maturing

ii. Surgery
1. In severe cases where the curvature of the spine can be detrimental to the health of the patient, surgery is needed in order to significantly correct the curving of the spine and to prevent any further deviation of the spine

3. Spinal Stenosis

a. it is the diminishing of the spaces in between discs of the spine. As a result of this, the discs in the spine are often compressed, which can cause the pinching of the nerves and can then lead to have pain along the back of the leg.

i. Common Causes
1. Age
2. Arthritis
3. Genes and Heredity
4. Trauma (accidents)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]