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Laser Spine Surgery Procedure

When it comes to laser spine surgery, the procedures involved are pretty straightforward and simple on our end. We use the laser as a tool to help minimize the amount scar tissue that is typically left over when performing routine invasive surgery. The way that the laser works is that is shoots out a beam of light that superheats the target area. After the area of concern has been assessed and targeted, the light superheats the tissues and muscles causing them to vaporize (ablate).

In the modern world of spine surgery, the three most commonly performed procedures are:

1. Laser Facet Joint Nerve Ablation
the removal of the small nerves that are a part of the joints in your spine (facet joints) in an attempt to lessen back pain from arthritic joints.

2. Laser Disc Decompression
removal of spinal disc material to alleviate the pinching of the nerve that is causing pain.

3. Laser Annuloplasty
the treatment of tears in the disc wall in order to alleviate back pain.

With the help of the use of the laser we are able to efficiently target and treat your areas of pain. Spending hours in surgery to treat back pain are in the past. Take control of your life and your pain. If you have any questions are curious to learn more about how these procedures can help you, please do not hesitate to call our offices to schedule an appointment.